Do you want your house painting done with absolute perfection? If so, then it’s essential for you to pay extra attention to the type of paint that you select for your house. To make the process more convenient for you, I’ve listed the two main types of paints and their uses in this article. Be sure to go through each paint type before making the final decision. 

Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paints are generally the most popular paint types worldwide especially in areas with extreme weather conditions such as Cape Cod. Such paints have an oil as their main ingredient (usually linseed or alkyd oil). Oil-based paints are an ideal option if you aren’t planning to change the colors for long periods. Thanks to their remarkable durability, oil-based paints can last longer than most other paints by withstanding regular contacts. These paints also provide much smoother and better-looking finishes than other paints.

Water-Based Paint

Water-based paints are great paint options for a variety of reasons. These paints are made up of a pigment with water used as a carrier. Water-based paints are known to dry faster than other paints, thus, making the house painting process much more efficient. Moreover, water-based paint generally has fewer to none odors and is the most environmentally responsible paint choice. Water-based paints can also hold their colors much longer than other alternatives. 

How Do Get The Perfect House Painting?

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When it comes to house painting, you have to go above and beyond to make sure that everything is absolutely flawless. You need to make sure that your type of paint is the perfect choice for you. Although, both oil-based and water-based paints are incredible paint choices; however, they both exhibit their perfection under different scenarios. To conclude, it can be safely said that oil-based paints are a much more preferable option for surfaces that are exposed to frequent abuse such as floors, exteriors, doors, and furniture. On the other hand, water-based paints are much better options for more visual surfaces such as walls and ceilings, have less odor and are way more eco-friendly. 

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