Hyannis Painting – the best crew of interior house painters in Cape Cod. We’ve done about thousands of rooms providing high-quality job at a reasonable price.

Every home owner should know that painting may transform a house beyond recognition in a good sense, when a person knows what he or she is doing and vice-versa if not. That is why we propose our clients to contact the professionals for help to avoid the unintended consequences like: blistering, pealing, foaming etc.

At Hyannis Painting, our professional team will treat your house as our own, making sure that you will not only be completely satisfied with our Interior Painting but also ecstatic about the end result. When it comes to interior painting, no detail is too small, no request is too big. Your house or office will have exact the appearance you had in your mind.

Our general manager and founder, Roberto Franco, has the expertise and skills to understand a need for proper surface preparation, as well as a broad range of paint and coating varieties for a perfect Interior Painting outcome. Whether it is your home, office or commercial building, our team can diagnose & solve each and every unique challenge your Interior Painting project may impose.

How do we get the best results of Interior House Painting on Cape Cod?

  • Preparing rooms: furniture, flooring, windows, doors, decorated elements are covered to protect it from dust and paint
  • Surface preparing. This stage affects the appearance and results the most. We are separating it into the three following steps:
    1. The removal of stains, mildew, wallpapers. Walls, ceiling, pillar are smooth out, cracks and holes are filled.
    2. Sanding of surface to invisible and imperceptible to the touch roughness – it is giving as result a smooth walls and ceiling.
    3. Priming – finishes surface preparation, normalizes its absorption ability and provides paint adhesion.
  • Painting – the required numbers of layers applied uniformly on the surface. At this stage it’s important to choose a right equipment and methods of painting (roller application, spray application, angle of inclination, the trajectory of the final movement of the brush etc.), correction of the final layer.
  • Cleaning: no garbage, no paint drops, no dust, no smell. Furniture is on place, the rooms are ready to live or work.

Painting is complicated, complex and hard process to perform without experience. At Hyannis Painting, we propose the best quality of contractor painting service which creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in your house. Any room in your home will be taken care of –  kitchen, living and dining room, bedroom, bath room, master and master bath room, walking closet, foyer, office, powder and pantry room.

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