Nowadays you can find millions of paint colors in any paint store. With options to mix those colors up you get unlimited color variation. Now what color should You choose? When it comes to house painting Cape Cod, it all boils down to your preferences. Although you have to keep some ideas in your mind. Lighter colors will make your room look bigger and brighter, while darker ones will create an illusion of it being more modern and smaller. On top of that you have to consider what floors color you have.

Interior Painting Cape Cod
Light colors expand your rooms

From our experience in interior painting Cape Cod, the most popular wall colors are eggshell and light beige. There is a trend to paint children bedrooms in bright colors so their room look more attractive and interesting to play in.

As for exterior house painting Cape Cod, we always recommend to go with neutral and light colors. Dark exterior colors look a bit depressive and hence not recommended. Too bright colors would fade off fast and would show a lot of dirt quite fast.

We always recommend to try paint first before choosing something for sure. If you’re painting entire house, then buy 3-4 different colors and paint small section of your wall right away. Don’t go by a small paint drop on top of a can, paint 2 by 2 feet area on your wall to make sure you got the right color, don’t be shy! Let it sit there for couple days, you might change your mind on Monday… or Friday! And only then you can hire some painting company Cape Cod. On top of that, check out our gallery for new ideas for the color.

You can also call painting store or local painting company to get additional consultation. We wish you best luck finding a right color for your house!