Since 2007, Hyannis Painting has been growing and expanding its washing business to meet an increasing demand for professionally-done exterior cleaning services. Our expertise at Hyannis Painting will sure enhance and sustain the beauty of your property for years to come.
House washing, sidewalks, decks, mold removal, patios, vinyl siding, gutters, driveways… Whatever your need may be, Hyannis Painting Inc is equipped to handle all of your exterior power washing jobs.

 Keep in mind that power wash not only can make your house look fresh again, it also helps to bring up house weak spots. Power wash will show where your paint is getting peeled. This is very important and let homeowner to repaint weak spots to avoid water from getting into wood and shingles.

 We always recommend to power wash house once in a year or once per two years.

Deck power washing service Cape Cod, deck painting.

 Hyannis Painting Inc specializes in both siding and deck power washing. In case you have a deep stain on your deck, we can sand it a bit to make sure it goes away.

 Prior to making final decision, please consult with us. Hyannis Painting provides free of charge consultation and estimates so call us today at 508-280-1573!