I always hear this question from the homeowners “how do I find out that it’s time to paint my house?” In this article I will try to answer this question and go over main points in details.

 First of all I would like to start from a huge misunderstanding among most of homeowners. The most important reason to paint your house is to PROTECT it. We all know that fresh paint makes your house look better, but that’s not the main point. Paint protects your house, it is a defensive layer that covers wood, pvc, metal pieces from water. Leaving these materials exposed to water leads to rust, mold and rot. So the first think you should look for is if your exterior has spots that are not sealed with paint. 

 Paint peeling is another bad sign that should make you consider repainting your exterior. You might not see that water actually goes under the paint and you would think that you can wait for another year or so, but this is another pretty common mistake homeowners make. Consistent/semi-consistent minor water damage is also dangerous for your house. Try to put few drops of water every day to the same piece of paper for one month and you will see how your sheet gradually turns to mess. Imagine what happens to wooden material that holds nails and sheet-rock.