exterior house painting cape cod

When it comes to exterior painting – Hyannis Painting is known as one of Cape Cod’s the most experienced and trusted painting company.

Hyannis Painting is a licensed & fully insured contractor on Cape Cod. We’re dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. With our highly experienced painters’ team, the exterior painting results are always impressive.

If You decide to paint your house – you came to right place. Keep in mind that exterior house painting – is not only outer beauty, but also prevention from the external effects that will defend your walls from different kind of negative environmental impacts: moisture, temperature changing, insects and etc.

House exterior painting Cape Cod

Main stages of exterior house painting of Hyannis painting on Cape Cod:

  • Personal inspection: we will come to you house and carry out measurement. We will check a condition of your walls and discuss what needs to be done.
  • Preparation: removing all roughness, filling cracks and holes, eliminating rot and cleaning a surface. We pay a lot of attention to the details such as clapboards, shingles, corner boards, gables, porch, decks, garage floor, garage, sides, basement, basement doors, windows and etc.
  • Priming stage. Priming creates a protection layer between surface and paint. It will defend your walls from wet, rot and mildew and assure an adhesion for paint.
  • Final stage. At a stage of painting we will help you to do a right choice with paint formula based on your house surfaces type and condition. That paint will be durable and save the color saturation for a long time.

Only a professional house painter with big experience can do this job so that a quality and a reliability of the painting preserved for many years.

A few tips for choosing a color for your house:

  • When you choose a color for house painting in Cape Cod we recommend to remember a history of your house and year when it was build, pay attention to houses near yours – it’s very good looking when color is in harmony with architectural composition of area.
  • Before finally choose a color – check it out on the small section of wall – closet is the best way to go, but make sure it has enough light to show actual color. This will allow you to see how it looks under daylight.

And remember – the right house painting job will be reliable for climate protection as well as will give it unique and inimitable appearance. Hyannis Painting can bring an exterior painting of your home to life. All it takes is a little color and Hyannis Painting professional touch. And we are so ready to take on your next Exterior Painting project!

We cover entire Cape Cod area – from Provincetown to Provincetown.